Uber Refunds £25 Cleaning Fee for Picking up Dropped Chip

By Gary Cutlack on at

That picture there shows an incredibly valuable chip, a chip that cost its owner £25 because she dropped it in the back of an Uber vehicle when returning from a night out.

Amazingly, that photograph is the entirety of the evidence that her Uber driver submitted to bosses at the taxi business, evidence that convinced whoever reviews such things that a £25 cleaning fee should be charged to cover the flinging of the chip out of the car onto the road.

It was one of several chips purchased by Rachel Pangburn to lovingly feed to her boyfriend on the way home to Hyde at the weekend. News of the £25 clean up fee arrived later along with a photo of the chip as proof. Rachel told Manchester Evening News: "When we got out of the taxi it was fine. There was no mention of any mess inside. On Monday I checked my emails only to find I had been charged £25 as part of a cleaning fee. I was like What the hell. How can you charge that much to remove half a chip?"

The good news is that Uber refunded the fee after Rachel complained. We're not sure if she ever got the chip back though. [MEN]