Digital Film Locker UltraViolet Is Shutting Down

By Holly Brockwell on at

The UltraViolet 'digital locker' for film and TV content will close down on the 31st of July, the service has announced.

UltraViolet was an initiative to help people store their legal content libraries in the cloud, but has since been overtaken by other services and the increase in streaming.

The MyUV homepage has been replaced by a shutdown notice with instructions to users who want to save their content from the Recycle Bin:

And there's a surprisingly honest FAQ section explaining that it just wasn't as good as other sites:

Why is UltraViolet going away?
In the years since UltraViolet’s launch, we’ve seen the emergence of services that provide expanded options for content collection and management independent of UltraViolet. This and other market factors have led to the decision to discontinue UltraViolet.

If you've got content stored in UltraViolet, all is not lost. The site recommends you log in and make sure you're linked to the retailers you got your content from. This will apparently ensure you're able to access it after the 31st of July.

It's always sad to see a service shut down for good, but at least this is one of the rare cases where your stuff doesn't disappear along with it. [The Verge]