Why Aren't Travelcard Adverts Like This Anymore?

By Holly Brockwell on at

There have been no less than two new travelcards launched recently – the Millennial one and the whippersnappers' one – and neither of them have had a telly ad anywhere near as good as this effort from 1989.

Featuring catchy music, some superb threads and – for some reason -–a tube train on roller skates, the ad would make us buy a London Travelcard just to feel like one of the cool crowd.

It's currently trending on the London subreddit, but was originally uploaded to YouTube back in '16 by IanLucey1972, whose channel is an absolute treasure trove of retro ads. Remember Do It All? And Woolworths? And the time Rowan Atkinson shilled for Kronenbourg? It's all here.

Some of the ads are so painfully retro as to seem almost fake, like this one for the best cassettes:

But with Bandersnatch-mania in full swing, we are 100% ready for ads like this to start appearing on our screens again. All together now: tube tube tube tube! Bus bus bus bus!