Xiaomi is Spinning off the Redmi Phone Range Into its Own Brand

By Tom Pritchard on at

You may have heard of Xiaomi. In addition to hosting that botched flash sale last year, the budget Chinese phone maker also sell a ridiculous number of phones for ludicrously cheap prices. Cheapest among them are the Redmi range, which offers devices that cost as little as £99. Now it's just announced that Redmi is being spun off into its own sub-brand. A bit like how Honor is a separate company Huawei uses flogs off its own ultra-budget phones.

This probably doesn't make a whole lot of difference for normal people, though. The Redmi range has always been known for packing in great specs for the amount you pay, the latest example being the £219 Redmi Pro 6. The fact Redmi is its own sub-brand won't change that, it just means future devices probably won't bear the Xiaomi name. Sadly the company isn't being particularly forthcoming right now, but has promised to reveal more at a press conference on 10th January. That's right in the middle of CES for those people that don't religiously follow the tech show circuit.

It's also been pointed out that Xiaomi's teaser image also hints at the company's upcoming 48MP smartphone camera, which gives us an idea of what to expect next week. Remember when phone companies abandoned the idea of phone cameras with stupidly large resolution? Those were good times, and it seems they have come to an end.

We'll have more for you as we know it. [Xiaomi via Android Authority]