You Can Now Play YouTube Music On Sonos Speakers

By Holly Brockwell on at

Sonos speakers are well known for being compatible with most of the music streaming services, but until today, YouTube Music subscribers were out of luck.

That probably doesn't seem surprising since YouTube is more associated with things with screens than pure audio, but it's trying to edge into that tasty music market. Now, you'll be able to play your YouTube Music Premium or just YouTube Premium audio through your Sonos, including official songs, albums, playlists and artist radio, plus everything available on YouTube itself.

Features now available on Sonos speakers include:


Loaded with listening suggestions based on your favourites, Recommended has playlists for your every mood, plus your favourites and last played, ready to go.

New Releases

Find a collection of the freshest music specifically tailored to your tastes. Listen to newly released songs and albums.

Top YouTube Charts

YouTube Charts are the best way to see what’s hot in music right now. The Top 100 Songs chart catalogues the most popular songs globally, and you’ll also find a local version that’s tailored to what’s trending in your country.

Your Mixtape

This personalised playlist features a mix of your favourites and new songs we think you’ll love. It’s constantly updating, so you can always count on Your Mixtape to deliver a new combination right at your fingertips within the Sonos app.


Easily find your saved playlists, albums, and songs in your Library.

If you've been holding off on subscribing to YouTube Music Premium because you couldn't use it on your Sonos, now's a good time to go for that free trial and give it a whirl.