The 1TB Galaxy S10 Will Be Out In Mid-March

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've heard a lot about the various Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, despite them not launching until the 20th of February.

The latest news leak is that the supermassive S10 with 1TB of storage – which we broke news of back in December – will go on sale a little later than the others.

We've already heard that the S10 phones will be available for preorder from the 21st of February, aka the day after the launch event. But according to a rumour from Samsung's division in the Philippines, the actual on-sale dates will be different for the main S10 line and the top-end model.

The vanilla S10, the S10 Plus and the S10E (apparently for 'everyday,' because it's the lowest-end model – does this mean we have to have a 'Sunday dress' handset now?) will apparently hit the shops on the 8th of March.

But the slightly ridiculous top-end S10 with its 12GB of RAM (!!!) and again – one terabyte of onboard storage – won't come out until the 15th. Which is probably a good thing, because you need to think about whether this is something you -- or anyone -- really needs.

The fancypants model will apparently be called the S10 X, because everything cool has an X now. Including your bank balance after you buy one. [Slashgear]