A Smartphone Exploded at St Pancras

By Holly Brockwell on at

Someone's phone scared the absolute bejeezus out of everyone at the Eurostar terminal in St Pancras station in London last night, when it decided to do a Note 7 and explode.

Understandably, people near the phone freaked out when they heard a bang and saw smoke, and those people running and screaming and leaving their luggage behind set everyone else off. If you see a load of people running through a busy transport terminal in 2019 looking absolutely terrified, you do not ask questions, you run.

Currently, we don't know which specific phone it was, but we would wager it's brown trouser time at Samsung. That said, if the blocky grey-blue thing on the top left is the phone's chassis, that looks like an Xperia to us:

Image: Haxie Meyers-Belkin via Twitter

A staff member at the scene apparently told a bystander the phone was a Samsung, but we'll wait for confirmation because they might well have just thought "splodey phone = Samsung obvs because Apple products never explode and if they did we'd just call it a design feature and keep buying them."


Conspiracy theorists (OK, Team Giz) are frantically speculating about who could benefit from a Samsung (if indeed it is one) going ka-blam in a very public place the week before the S10 launch.

Alternatively, if it turns out to be one of these plankton who are still using the Note 7 despite the recall, we hope the rest will reconsider their actions. Even if the phone doesn't hurt people, the stampede it causes easily could. Ever seen the plaque at Bethnal Green station?

We'll update you when we know more, but we imagine the phone companies are all crossing their fingers and whispering "not it, not it, not it" right now.

Main image: Elminium via Flickr CC