A Vegan Cream Egg is Set to be 2019's Next Alt-Food Smash

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is a cream egg not a Creme Egg before you start, as it has nothing to do with the Cadbury option. It's a hand-injected or hand-slapped together independent cream-filled egg assembled by a family team in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, that is now available to buy online for the first time to satisfy the unmet Easter needs of vegans across the country.

There is quite a hefty vegan tax applied to the eggs, mind, as the cheapest possible online option to purchase the things is to pay £16.95 for two eggs and two no doubt also quite lovely but pricey vegan rocky road bars. Or you could have three of each for £18.45, which you may as well do, seeing as everyone's a vegan now, or at least will be by Easter, as it's a late one this year.

The eggs are hefty, goose-sized things, mind, weighing 80g a piece – exactly twice the size of the mainstream egg offered by Cadbury. Given that vegan chocolate is usually extra dark and heavy on the cocoa, getting through one might be quite a challenge, especially if lunch was three vegan sausage rolls. [Mummy Meagz via Sky News]