Aldi Puts the 5p Plastic Bags in the Bin

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's good news and bad news in dispatches from German front of the War on Plastic, with Aldi announcing it's to stop selling the basic 5p carriers in all branches. That's the good news. The bad news is that they're to be replaced by the sturdier but more expensive 9p options, made from in-house recycled plastic waste. So there will still be plastic bags, but they will be different.

Aldi says this shuffling of options should skew things toward selling fewer bags overall, though, as everyone would rather stuff their chocolate and bleach and chicken pieces in a rucksack or their pockets than pay 9p for a bag, so will therefore result in 80 million fewer bags being sold each year to escape and spend the next 400 years flapping about in the dead trees that populate the wastelands of the future.

Aldi UK has the explicit backing of its customers in doing this, it says, with local boss Fritz Walleczek explaining: "The environmental impact of single use plastic bags is no secret, and removing them from our stores is an important step on our mission to eradicate plastic wherever possible. Our customers trust us not only to offer them high quality products at unbeatable prices, but to help them lead more environmentally friendly lives." [Retail Gazette]