All of NatWest is Sorry for Staff Member's Vegan-Punching Verbal Rampage

By Gary Cutlack on at

NatWest has cranked up the apology machine and even gone so far as to issue financial compensation to a customer, after one of its staff members told a woman on the phone that "all vegans should be punched in the face."

How did this seemingly random conversational gambit come up in a phone call to a bank? Well, an unnamed woman from Bristol made an enquiry about a loan of £400 to pay for a diploma in nutrition sciences, which pushed the bank's call centre man over the edge and resulted in his anti-vegan rant. He told her that roaming lawless vegans had been writing slogans about animals being friends in chalk on pavements near his house, which really got his non-meat goat.

Unfortunately for the banker this call was recorded for training purposes, and after the customer complained to NatWest it was reviewed and, well, general scenes of horror broke out, and she was offered an apology, compensation of around £200, and the entire £400 payment to cover the cost of her course. So it sort of worked out OK in the end, apart from for the anti-vegan call centre man, who's now undergoing "disciplinary proceedings" according to the bank, and faces a maximum ban on eating sausages for up to two years. [BBC]