American Kids Develop English Accents Because of Peppa Pig

By Holly Brockwell on at

Britain has scored a rare cultural victory against the US with the news that a load of precocious American children have started sounding English because they watch too much Peppa Pig.

According to ITV News, parents in the United States have noticed their nippers taking on a posh-ish southern English accent as a result of binge-watching the show. And if there was any doubt as to where the change has come from, apparently some of them oink at the end of sentences, too.

The 'Peppa Effect,' as it's inevitably been dubbed, makes a rare change from British kids sounding like they grew up in Southern California because they've been raised by YouTube.

On the whole, American parents seem pretty thrilled about the change, commenting that their kids sound better and have improved vocabularies as a result of watching Peppa. Perhaps they should have thought of that before declaring independence, what what?

Absolutely nightmarish main image: Sarah & Austin Houghton-Bird via Flickr CC