BBC Creates Holby and Casualty Unified Cinematic Universe

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC is finally listening to fans within the 55-70 age demographic and giving them what they've been wanting for decades – a joint mega-outing TV event that combines the Holby City and Casualty televisual universes in one apocalyptic showdown.

The two-parter won't cover Charlie Fairhead's quest for the seven sacred kidney stones, but is instead based around a "cyber attack" that impacts on both teams' ability to operate. The trailer for the most ambitious crossover event in teatime medical TV history uses the usual mainstream visualisations of a computer hack -- glitching screens, the text "virus downloading" on a hospital monitor so viewers who don't understand will maybe understand, obvious battery low warnings in very large fonts as surgeons work, and the lights going out. Because we are supposed to believe the NHS lighting systems are all hooked into the computers now.

Then there's a very nice and expensive car stunt and it's business as usual in hospital land, only against the backdrop of an IT system gone rogue and all your mum's favourite hot medic TV crushes in one unified corridor-based romp.

Simon Harper, who's the exec producer for both shows, said: "We've known for some time there's been major audience appetite for a mega crossover between these sister shows. You'll see both the Casualty and Holby teams striving heroically against the odds in two episodes of pure, nail-biting, taut, emotional medical drama." [BBC]