BBC Decides We're Better Off With Less News

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC is about to shorten its boring old News At Ten pre-bed stress trigger, deciding that what we all really need now is a bit less news and more, er, youth programming.

Hence the News At Ten is about to get five minutes shorter from March, as we have, as a nation, become immune to news and grown quite bored of hearing about things. The official explanation is that it wants to end the serious-person's dilemma that is caused by the BBC One news overlapping with the start of Newsnight on BBC Two; so from March 4 the main BBC One news is to be shortened by five whole minutes so news fans can do both. That's five whole minutes less of hearing what Trump tweeted or what failed MPs think should happen but probably won't. Hooray.

Plus the even more boring regional news that follows will be shortened by four minutes to just seven minutes, taking the pressure off teams in Devon to find things to report on. The freed-up space is to be set aside for a new "BBC Three slot" on, er, BBC One from Monday to Wednesday, to showcase the best offerings from the online-only channel, like the new series of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's extreme woman-ing comedy Fleabag. [BBC]