BBC for Scotland Launches on Sunday

By Gary Cutlack on at

A small amount of swearing at digital TV boxes is required this Sunday, should viewers fancy watching an entire new channel from the BBC: BBC Scotland.

BBC Scotland arrives officially at 7:00pm on Feb 24, when it'll launch with a mixture of arts, news and comedy, with future schedules likely to be heavy on the wildlife documentaries and films in which men have thoughtful walks around interesting bits of scenery and point at where things used to be made. During the daytime the channel will mostly rebroadcast BBC Two, punctuated by live footage of the regional parliamentary action in Scottish First Minister's Questions.

An HD version of the channel will automatically populate itself onto the EPG menus of people using HD Freeview boxes or watching through Sky, the Freesat system or Virgin Media, with a standard-definition feed arriving on Freeview too -- but that'll require a retune to receive. Most satellite and cable viewers in the rest of the UK will therefore get this insight into Scottish life too, but not those using the region-locked Freeview and Youview boxes, who'll have to seek it out on iPlayer. [BBC Scotland]