BBC's New 'Green Planet' Will Be 'Blue Planet' For Plants

By Holly Brockwell on at

Blue Planet had us all ditching the plastic in droves. Dynasties had us thinking about animals in amazing new ways. And now a new BBC series hopes to make us feel things about plants.

Green Planet will of course be fronted by king of the natural world David Attenborough, and "will be the first immersive portrayal of an unseen, inter-connected world, full of remarkable new behaviour, emotional stories and surprising heroes in the plant world."

We've never really thought about the emotional stories of plants, but we are more than willing to be converted.

It sounds pretty dramatic:

We discover that plants are as aggressive, competitive and dramatic as animals - locked in desperate battles for food, for light, to reproduce and to scatter their young. They are social - they communicate with each other, they care for their young, they help their weak and injured. They can plan, they can count, they can remember.

Plants are the stars of this series but there will also be box-office animals - plants are the arch-manipulators of the natural world. They bend the actions and lives of animals, including ourselves, to their own ends.

We will use new developments in robotics, moving time-lapse, super-detail thermal cameras, deep focus ‘frame-stacking’ and ultra-high-speed to travel beyond the power of the human eye and make visible the amazing, hidden life of the green planet.

I'm sorry, does that say plants can count?!

The series will consist of five 60-minute episodes (and this is the Beeb, so that's 60 actual minutes, not 45ish with ads) and will be broadcast in... 2021. Oh.

Thankfully, we won't have to make do with the thrilling social lives of our plastic Ikea succulents until then – Attenborough has a new Netflix series out this April. [Radio Times]