BBC Wires up Scottish Island for 5G Radio Broadcasts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lucky BBC technicians and staff from wireless ISP CloudNet have been handed the job of installing 5G test transmitters on the Orkney island of Stronsay, where a system that broadcasts radio over the high speed mobile data network of the future is to be trialled.

Once running, the chosen few kitted out with phones able to receive the transmissions and a custom build of the BBC Sounds app will be able to listen to live radio broadcasts over 5G, with the BBC believing that such 5G broadcasting is key to reaching rural communities and perhaps may help directly hook up the rest of the screen-glued content consumers of the nation to BBC content in the distant future.

The system is not quite the same as a simple live stream. The masses of 5G bandwidth is used to continually broadcast the programmes in their entirety, so consumers can tune into an always-available feed of... everything. This helps limit contention issues too, says the BBC, as it removes the stress of a continual demand for new connections when everyone initiates their own personal stream. [BBC]