Binge-Watch Netflix Shows if You Don't Want Them Cancelled, Says Showrunner

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've all been sucked into the time vortex of an amazing Netflix series, where you just watch episode after episode and entire days go by without you noticing. But that doesn't mean we want to watch every series that way, or feel pressured to.

That doesn't appear to matter to Netflix, though. The showrunner on Netflix's reboot of CBS sitcom One Day At A Time, Mike Royce, has tweeted pleading with fans to watch the latest series as fast as possible so that Netflix doesn't cancel it:

Royce has since clarified in a few replies to startled tweeters that he doesn't have specific information about the metrics Netflix uses to decide whether a programme gets renewed or not, but that the "first couple weeks is when they’re looking the most closely." He did add that "After that counts too," thankfully.

It's understandable that Netflix would compare how well a series does in the first few weeks to see if it has long-term potential, but the fact is some shows take a while to pick up an audience, and others take a while to get going. For instance, I hated the first episode of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, but tried again a couple of weeks later and have now watched all of it approximately one billion times, as well as listening to all the songs on repeat. Especially this one.

We fully expect that now this story has been picked up by the press, there'll be a clarifying statement from Netflix saying "we totally don't cancel shows just because you don't binge them," but, well, we're inclined to believe Royce here. It definitely matters, at least.

So if you want another series of your favourite, maybe mute it and leave it on loop while you go to work to skew the figures. Take that, Bandersnatchers.