"People Don't Buy BlackBerries Because Twitter Exists" Says BlackBerry, Sues

By Holly Brockwell on at

We hesitate to call BlackBerry a patent troll, but they are kind of asking for it.

Nearly a year on from suing Facebook (and Snapchat) for allegedly infringing on BlackBerry patents with its messaging function, the unloved phone company has decided to sue Twitter as well.

The reason? For stopping people buying BlackBerry phones. Hmm.

According to Engadget, BlackBerry's lawsuit claims Twitter has infringed six of its patents, including push notifications (better sue everyone, then) and the 'mute conversation' function.

In doing so, BlackBerry claims Twitter has benefited from features that made "BlackBerry's products such a critical and commercial success" (once) and has "succeeded in diverting consumers away from [BlackBerry] products and services."

Really? Really? The fact that you can mute a conversation on Twitter has stopped people buying BlackBerry phones? Has it? Really though? Ever?

The company made similar claims against Facebook and asked for monetary damages, which is where we suspect the accusation has come from. If you're suing for money, you have to prove the company caused you a specific, numerable loss -- so if you claim the infringed features stopped people buying your stuff, you can claim for all the devices you reckon you'd have sold if Twitter didn't have push notifications. Which we think is zero, but clearly BlackBerry thinks otherwise.

The Facebook and Snap Inc lawsuits are still going on, and may apparently be presided over by a single judge since they're all similar.

We would pay so much money to see Judge Judy preside over this one. A withering look and a declaration of "BALONEY" and it'd all be over. [Engadget]