Burger King Trolls McDonald's With Its Own Range of Big Macs

By Holly Brockwell on at

Remember how the EU recently took away McDonalds' trademark to the term 'Big Mac' after a scrappy Irish restaurant chain called Supermac's challenged an over-reaching lawsuit from the Golden Arches?

Burger King certainly does. And they've taken advantage of the fact that anyone can now use the term 'Big Mac' in the EU by launching their own range of them.

Of course, it's not just a new menu of burgers. That would be too easy. It's a bunch of products with 'Big Mac' in the name that insult McDonalds' food at the same time. Behold the menu:

The menu features in an ad from Burger King Sweden, which honestly is less funny than the product names themselves:

It doesn't look like the Not-A-Big-Mac range will actually be available in Burger King restaurants, but we enjoyed the schadenfreude nonetheless. Particularly since the EU's ruling was entirely McDonalds' fault for going after a small restaurant chain that no one in their right mind would have mistaken for McDonald's.

Iwo Zakowski, CEO of Burger King Sweden, comments:

"McDonald’s just lost its trademark for the Big Mac for suing a much smaller player. It’s too much fun for us to stay away."

Of course, throwing stones like this is likely to backfire. We don't doubt that Burger King's lawyers are as zealous as McDonalds' (most big companies' legal departments are), so it feels a little pot-kettle. We also don't doubt the Hamburglar will be plotting revenge as we speak, probably with an equally mild social media ad. Won't someone think of the burgers?

Main image: Emanuele via Flickr CC