Cadbury Loses Trademark Battle Over Wrapping Chocolate in Purple

By Gary Cutlack on at

The particular blend of purple that Cadbury uses to identify its Dairy Milk range may soon start appearing everywhere on the tempting chocolate aisle of shame, as the latest legal battle to protect the use of the colour has been decided in favour of Cadbury's enemies.

It's the war over the use of Pantone 2685 C, or Dairy Milk Purple, a colour that has been thoroughly associated with reliably uniform and tasty chocolate in the UK for decades. The legal fight has been raging since the pre-everything year of 1995 at least, when Cadbury was granted a trade mark registration for exclusive use of the colour to wrap slabs of chocolate.

That's now come to an end, as a Court of Appeal decision has forced Cadbury to remove this 24-year-old claim on the colour as it appears too wide ranging a case to actually ever enforce, hence Aldi and Lidl may soon start branding their in-house Dairy Milk clones in the familiar purple. And high street rival Nestle, which has been bankrolling the decades of court battles over use of the colour, is surely going to revenge-purple-ise everything overnight to celebrate. [Telegraph]