Captain Britain Blags Way onto Royal Mail's Marvel Stamps

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail is about to issue an entire set of stamps featuring the greatest Marvel characters of all time, including the likes of Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Doctor Strange and, er Captain Britain?

He's a bit niche to say the least, with the most interesting bit of trivia covering Britain's existence being a brief period when his stories were written by Alan Moore, thanks to the celebrated Northampton writer contributing to Marvel UK in the early 1980s. To further please the flag-waving, stamp-collecting, superhero-liking, card-posting Brit demographic of 2019, Royal Mail has also dredged up Union Jack; the alter-ego of James Montgomery Falsworth, and another Marvel character only just about well known enough to have a Wikipedia entry.

The Marvel stamps are being merchandised to death by the Royal Mail, as you might expect, which is offering £80 framed prints, £100 random medal editions, £93 entire sheets, 30p envelopes and much, much more, ahead of release in March. [Royal Mail]