Citroen Reveals a Tiny EV for Commuting From Your Doorstep to Your Real Car

By Gary Cutlack on at

Citroen's reworking of its ancient Ami can't really be described as a car, even though it does lots of car things like having wheels in each corner and a roof and the ability to move under its own power. The Ami One concept is limited to just 28mph, so its quirky shell need not be tested under usual car safety rules, as it would surely crumple like the foil tray of a mince pie.

The small battery should last for around 60 miles of pottering about, plus it's designed to be legally classified as a quadricycle similarly to the equally bonkers Renault Twizy, so drivers would be allowed to drive through the smog of cities for free, park it anywhere, and only really need to worry about gangs of lads picking it up while it's unattended and putting it somewhere funny. Like in a bin or in the back of a nearby Toyota Hilux.

The Ami One is also free from any self-driving or autonomous helper systems, as it's designed primarily to be cheap and therefore for the people. There could be fleets of them lined up to hire for €5 a pop, for example, in Citroen's imagined ideal of a near-future Parisian suburb. Being a concept, though, the entire thing is currently only imagined – you'd better get bang into Citroen's social media presences if you fancy owning one by about 2023. [Top Gear]