Citymapper is Taking on the Oyster Card with Citymapper Pass

By Tom Pritchard on at

Paying for transport can be a huge pain in the arse, though things have got better thanks to the adoption of contactless card readers in recent years. Now you don't need to worry about having exact change on your person every time you need to go to work, but you do need to make sure you have enough money on whatever card it is you use to pay. Citymapper wants to take that thought process a step further, with a payment system that covers any and all transport you might want to take, in the form of a subscription service called Citymapper Pass.

The goal of Citymapper Pass is to take all the remaining hassle out of getting about, regardless of how you end up doing it. Whether you use the typical council-endorsed public transport or one of those for-hire two-wheeled devices that people keep throwing into canals. The initial rollout is limited to London, where it will include all London public transport, plus the Santander bikes and taxis.

While most of those already take Oyster cards and other contactless payments, the goal is to include more services and locations as time goes on. As Citymapper states, one of the long-term goals is allowing people to go abroad without having to worry about paying for the local transport services.

According to Wired UK, the Pass will cost £30 a week for unlimited bus and tube services within Zone 1 and 2, while £40 a week also gets you unlimited use of the red Santander bikes and two free rides on Citymapper's Ride taxi-sharing service. There are no contracts involved, meaning you can cancel whenever you like, and it'll work with a dedicated green Citymapper Pass card or via both Apple and Google Pay.

The good news is that the basic subscription is £5.10 cheaper than what TfL has on offer, but the bad news is that it looks like you're screwed should you live beyond zone 2. And most people do, because the rental situation in central London is horrendous. Hopefully it expands to cover the rest of the capital pretty quickly.

Citymapper Pass is set to launch sometime in March or April, though a select few will be able to sign up early in secret. [Citymapper | Wired UK]