Citymapper's Oyster Card Rival Has Opened to Early Adopters

By Holly Brockwell on at

The Citymapper Pass we reported on last week has opened up to early signups this morning, and it's an interesting proposition.

While the plan is eventually to let you use the contactless card worldwide instead of trying to figure out local transport fares while you're on holiday, for the time being it's only available in London. It launches fully in March, but some early birds were able to get access via the Citymapper app today, while others have only been able to register their interest for the big launch.

The Pass aims to simplify travel, according to an extremely wordy Medium post by the company. It's an "all you can eat" subscription to London transport, but that currently only includes public transport (tube, bus, rail etc) in zones 1 and 2, Santander 'Boris' bikes and limited travel on Citymapper Rides, its own Uber Pool competitor.

There are two passes available currently: the Super Pass and the Super Duper Pass. The Super Pass costs £31 a week and gives you unlimited public transport in zones 1 and 2, with travel outside those areas being PAYG.

For £39 a week, you can get the Super Duper Pass, which for £8 extra adds unlimited use of Santander cycles and £10 of credit for Citymapper Rides every week. You can also bring one person on your Citymapper Rides for free -- it usually costs £1.

You'll eventually be able to choose from a physical Citymapper Pass card or a virtual one on your phone (but it's just plastic for now), and apparently you can pause or cancel the subscription anytime.

It seems to work on a similar model to CommuterClub, which buys travelcards at the lower annual price and then leases them to you for less than you'd pay TfL.

According to the Citymapper app, more services will soon be included in the new passes. The company already has an arrangement with Uber whereby prices and times are shown in the app, so we wouldn't be surprised to see Uber credit added to the deal before long. It looks like e-scooters are on the long term plan, too:

What do you think of Citymapper's offer? Will you be getting a Citymapper Pass when it launches properly in March, or are you sticking with trusty TfL? Let us know in the comments.