Coal-Fired Power Stations Limp Nearer Extinction

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nottinghamshire's Cottam power generation facility is to close this year, leaving a potential 158 workers out of a job and an array of late-1960s cooling towers out of use.

The 2,000 MW plant has been pumping out the power and coal smoke since 1969, and although electricity is more popular than ever the idea of getting it by burning ancient fossil deposits is now hugely out of fashion -- and current operator EDF says it's not even economically viable to produce power from the site any more.

Its closure in September will leave just six coal-fired power stations online in the UK, as EDF says the "drive to decarbonise" has created difficult market conditions where no one wants to be seen buying the dirtier form of power to run their servers, lights and boil the corporate kettles. Neighbouring coal generator West Burton A, also operated by EDF, has agreements in place to run until 2021, when you might expect the fires to go out too. [Guardian]