Crossrail is Not Happening This Year, Says Chief Exec

By Holly Brockwell on at

It already feels like it's taken longer than Kingdom Hearts 3, but there will apparently be even more delays before Crossrail's peppy purple trains become a regular fixture of London transport.

Crossrail Chief Exec Mark Wild apparently told London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a meeting this week:

"I can’t see how this job can be delivered in calendar year 2019. I don’t actually know when it will be delivered after that."

Wild has only been in the job since November, and it sounds like he's had a right old time of it. The next stage of the line was supposed to open in December, but that got pushed back to a vague date of 'Autumn 2019,' and now that's not happening either.

Just to add to the good news, the new chairman of Crossrail, Tony Meggs, piped up:

"We still don’t have absolute clarity with exactly where we are. We still don’t know what we need to know."

In December, the project got a staggering bailout of £1,400,000,00 -- the third time in 2018 alone it had to be infused with more cash.

Some Elizabeth Line trains are already running, as was painfully highlighted last month when one opened its passenger doors onto live rails at Stratford:

Clearly, the project is in a bit of a mess. Maybe Adidas should be donating proceeds from its Crossrail branded trainers to help the poor engineers out.