Dad Never Getting the Wi-Fi to Himself as Children Live With Parents for Longer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Old people aren't getting everything entirely their way these days, as they're suffering the pain of having adult children who won't move out and give them a peaceful life and full control of the TV. Serves them right for buying all the nice houses in the 1980s.

Research assembled by Civitas says there are one million more young adults still living with mum and/or dad than there were 20 years ago, as spiralling housing costs mean fewer can afford the luxury of a deposit for a bedsit. 25 per cent of all 20-to-34-year-olds live with their parents now, and the figure for families in London rises to 41 per cent, as not even the London branch of the Bank of Mum and Dad can afford to lend enough to secure a standalone life for their offspring.

This is causing a drop in the number of "single-person households" across the nation as young people fail to move out to flats above shops to eat oven chips by themselves, with the number of under-45s living alone falling from 2.05m in 2002 to 1.49m in 2017. It's a flatshare with six other people or the childhood bedroom for another decade, basically. [Civitas [PDF] via BBC]