Deliveroo Is Doing Nutella Kebabs For World Nutella Day

By Holly Brockwell on at

Who knew there was a World Nutella Day? Presumably Nutella, but we're not sure anyone else did.

Nonetheless, Deliveroo has made a celebratory meal: a Nutella kebab. Worse, it's a chicken kebab. Honestly, it sounds vile, but we're sure plenty of people will order nonetheless.

The kebab is a collab with Kabab, which was a very enjoyable sentence to write. Kabab, for the uninitiated, is a restaurant chain that sells fancy kebabs via Deliveroo.

The Nutella kebab is available from today until Friday this week (8th February) and costs £9. The recipe apparently involves marinating chicken thighs for six hours, then flame-grilling them before adding cumin, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and... Nutella.

Joe Groves from Deliveroo comments between spoonfuls of Nutella straight from the jar:

"World Nutella Day is fast becoming one of the craziest food days in the calendar. We love any excuse to come up with an oddball dish and today is no exception. Deliveroo is all about giving Brits the chance to try any and all foods they fancy, no judgement here Britain!"

The thing about saying "no judgement" unprompted is that it makes it sound like you're massively judging, though. At least the app can't comment on your food choice.

If you must, you can get a Nutella kebab from any branch of Kabab on Deliveroo, as long as you're within delivery range. Let us know how it is.