DJI is Updating its Geofencing to Keep Your Drones Away From Airport Runways

By Holly Brockwell on at

DJI would prefer its drones didn't stop you getting on your flight, so it's updating the geofencing system it uses to stop urchins flying drones where they shouldn't be.

Engadget reports that the recursively-named Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) 2.0 system will receive an update in 19 European countries, including the UK, with stronger fences around airports.

The updates will roll out over the next month, so it's possible some plank might still fly a DJI drone in front of your lads' holiday flight to Malia before then. And of course even after then, someone might fly a no-name drone they bought off the internet around the airport, though Gatwick does now have anti-drone systems that would hopefully take it down.

The new geofence will keep drones from going closer than three-quarters of a mile away from any runways, as well as keeping flying pests out of the takeoff and landing zones. DJI worked with aviation organisations to decide on the new rules, and is already rolling out the system it previously suggested for transmitting the ID of the drone and pilot remotely.

The rogue Gatwick drone was a huge inconvenience, grounding thousands of flights for hours and ruining people's Christmas holidays.

A similar incident occurred at Newark Liberty not long after, proving that this isn't a UK problem but a drone problem – though it's worth pointing out that they have a lot of good applications, too.

Please fly your be-winged spy machines responsibly, people.

Featured image: Getty