EasyJet's Got an AR App to Help You Figure Out if Your Bags are Too Big

By Tom Pritchard on at

Airlines are notoriously stingy when it comes to bag sizes, and the budget airlines tend to be the strictest ones of all for obvious reasons. In the past you had to get out a tape measure to check whether your bag was small enough to come into the cabin with you, but this is the 21st century. We have technology to do that simple task for us, and thanks to easyJet there is now an app for that.

Well an update to an app that already existed, and apparently only on iPhones for the time being. The AR feature has been added to the app's itinerary section, and uses Apple's ARKit technology to make sure your bag is the right size. It's the same principle as those stands you see at the airport that you can pop your bag in and see if it's allowed in the cabin, albeit with augmented reality.


As you can see the phone projects a virtual cage, and you move it over your bag to see whether it's an acceptable size. According to easyJet this will help customers save money, because they won't get to the airport and find that they have to pay extra fees for the bags they brought with them. Not that there was anything stopping people measuring them the old fashioned way, but hey ho.

Daniel Young, head of digital experience at easyJet, said:

“We are constantly on the search for ways to improve the travel experience we offer our customers when flying with us and this new technology is a perfect example of that.

“We continue to place innovation at the heart of our industry-leading mobile travel app to give our customers the tools they need to take stress away from the airport experience. Embracing this latest technology makes preparing for travel easy and fun."

As the Standard points out this isn't an entirely original idea, since the Kayak app uses AR to measure bags and compare them to allowances set by a number of different airlines - easyJet included. Sadly that also seems to be an iOS-only feature for the time being.

It doesn't look like you can use easyJet's AR feature unless you have a flight booked. But if you are travelling with the airline that's so orange it makes Donald Trump look pasty, it's worth checking out. Especially if your bag has awkward dimensions. [Standard]