Even Energizer Is Making A Foldable Phone

By Holly Brockwell on at

February is Smartphone Month, because Mobile World Congress at the end of the month means we get a glut of new releases, leaks, rumours and general nerdery all month.

The latest exciting preview of the Barcelona smartphone show comes from none other than battery brand Energizer (god help us, we keep writing Energiser). They're bringing an incredible twenty-six smartphones to MWC, which seems like slight overkill, but we love phones so we'll gladly lap them all up.

Among the twenty six (that's one for every letter of the alphabet, fact fans) are apparently a folding phone and one with a stonking 18,000mAh battery. For comparison, your standard smartphone battery is about 3,000mAh.

Sadly the foldable phone and the mega-power phone are not one and the same.

According to GSMArena, the brand will also be bringing two phones with pop-up cameras to the event, which happen to look quite a lot like batteries when popped:

Image: GSMArena

The U620S and U630S Pop models are certainly cute, but they will apparently be fairly mid-range, so probably not too much to get excited about specs-wise. The screens are said to be 720p, for instance.

Images: GSMArena

There's info on some of the other phones, including one with a teardrop notch and a similar model to the above phones but without the pop-out camera, but sadly no details on the foldable or the 18,000mAh beast.

Energizer did launch a 16,000mAh phone at MWC last year, so this isn't entirely unexpected – but that phone was a bit of a brick and took forever to charge, so we're hoping for improvements on that front with this year's model.

We'll be on the ground at MWC this year, so we'll let you know what the Energizer bunny brings. [Techradar]

Main image: GSMArena