Exclusive: Images & Prices for Samsung Galaxy Fit & Fit e, Plus Galaxy Watch Active Pricing

By Holly Brockwell on at

The leaks are coming thick and fast ahead of tonight's Samsung launch, at which we're expecting to see the S10 line, the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Buds and two new smartwatches.

On that last point, we've just received verified images of the Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e, as well as UK pricing for both wearables and the Galaxy Watch Active too.

Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e

These two new wearables are the latest in the Gear Fit sports band line, though that name has clearly been dropped as Samsung moves away from the "Gear" branding (the Galaxy Watch Active replaces the Gear Sport, for instance).

The Galaxy Fit and Fit e (yes, pronounced "fitty" like your secondary school crush) will offer similar functionality to the Gear Fit2 Pro, but at a much lower price.

The lower-case e is the same as the one used on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10e, used to denote "everyday" or "everyone." In other words, it's a nice way of saying "the cheap one" -- it could just as easily stand for "economy," but that's not quite so PR-able.

The two wearables look similar but will be very differently priced. The Galaxy Fit looks like this:

And will cost £89.

The Galaxy Fit e, on the other hand, will be very aggressively priced at £35, and doesn't look too different, although it does come in an extra colour:

As you can see, the Fit e includes the Canary Yellow colour that we've also seen on leaked images of the S10e and the Galaxy Buds. Yellow is obviously the colour of the year, at least for Samsung's budget devices.

The Galaxy Fit line isn't specifically aimed at kids, but we reckon it'll compete for the same market as the Fitbit Ace, which costs £80.

Both Samsung Galaxy Fit bands will go on sale on the 26th of April.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Images of every angle and colour of this device have already leaked, but we can now confirm that the UK price of the Galaxy Watch Active will be £229.

Image: WinFuture

That places it right in Fitbit's sweet spot, challenging the Fitbit Versa smartwatch, which retails for £199-£219.

The Gear Sport, which this model will replace, currently retails for £179 but launched at £300. The Samsung Galaxy Watch (without the 'Active') launched late last year, starting at £249.

The Galaxy Watch Active will go on sale on the 21st of March.

Will anything else leak before the big announcement? Just a few hours to go. We'll see you there.