Exeter Redevelopment Steals London's Disastrous Garden Bridge Idea

By Gary Cutlack on at

The chosen local architects assisting the council in redeveloping Exeter have borrowed the idea of the "garden bridge" that plagued London for a year or two, as part of a 20-year plan to make Exeter a... place.

The whole "Liveable Exeter" master plan involves pedestrianising many traffic routes across the city to leave more room for pedestrians, to such an extent that one of the two current main bridges across the Exe is totally taken out of car use and treed-over.

It's not all about the bridge, mind, as the current plans for Neo Exeter include setting aside land for 12,000 new homes as well; the garden bridge is a nice little bonus. Somewhere to walk to. Somewhere for the 13-year-olds to take their stolen dockless bikes to and get drunk on cider. Somewhere for locals to get stressed about dog poo.

Of course, Exeter City Council needs to find the money for all this and deal with what the taxi drivers think, so there's a chance it'll be massively and continually downscaled over the next few years, and will eventually take the form of 20 or so trees being planted, a modern bench, and 20 yards of new pavement. [Devon Live]