Farmers Launch Dating App for Cows

By Gary Cutlack on at

Farmers looking to get hold of some top quality semen for entirely legitimate work-related reasons have a new route to go down in the form of Tudder; a right-swiping livestock matching app designed to find your sweetest little milk producer the biggest bull within trucking distance.

It isn't a joke either, as it actually exists and your local farmer can put it on his or her battered smartphone right now to find a sexy time breeding mate for their most prime hunk of meat. It's built by agritech incubator Hectare, which already offers online services for farm workers in the form of SellMyLivestock and crop-trading platform Graindex, but they don't have the ease of use of Tudder and its easily accessible database of hot beasts ready for insemination in your area.

Hectare's co-founder Jamie McIness said: "Tinder is much better and more apt for animals, which come with a whole lot of breeding potential and genetic data, than it is for humans. Data should always come first when you’re choosing the perfect match." [Tudder via BBC]