Fictional 1960s Women Slate Doctor Who Series 1

By Gary Cutlack on at

The extremely small number of Doctor Who fans who also watch Call the Midwife (under familial duress) were given a staggering treat by the BBC last weekend, as the latter gentle tearjerker included scenes where the ladies discussed the merits of first series Who serial The Aztecs.

One of the kindly nuns was well into it, enjoying William Hartnell's performance and the role of his female assistant where she accidentally became a high priestess of the Aztec people; although another nun declared it all a bit silly. A debate of the sort that is still raging to this day.

Do you think there's a place on the internet where Call the Midwife fans get angry about consistency and timelines and swear never to watch it again when it dares to include a male character? [Twitter via Radio Times]