Flight Cancelled Due to Lack of Tea

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Jet2 flight taking people from Glasgow to get burnt in Tenerife was forced to turn back over Ireland, due to an internal plumbing issue that would've interrupted the supply of tea. There could well have been a riot over the Bay of Biscay. People may have turned to sucking each others' blood out for refreshment.

Flight LS155 headed off on Sunday, only to be called back once a "minor technical fault" was discovered. The flier later said this was nothing as serious as a leaking toilet or engine fire, but was a problem with the hot water supply system that would've left passengers without the option of a hot drink for something to do to while away the hours of captivity.

Passengers were offloaded in Manchester and put on another plane, where emergency cups of tea were administered at the standard post-trauma rate of one every 30 minutes. [BBC]