Friends' Central Perk is Being Immortalised in Lego Form

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego Ideas is a great way for people to submit their own creations in the hopes that they'll be turned into a proper buyable Lego set. Sets that get enough vote have to go through a review board, and the latest batch of results are in. Good thing too, since the Lego Flintstones set is set to arrive later this week, and we need something to look forward to. Two sets made it past the review board this time around, and they are a Lego-fied version of Central Perk from Friends and a rendition of classic Disney short Steamboat Willie.

It was a very space-heavy review this time around, and it's a shame we won't be getting a Lego version of the International Space Station. It would have gone well with the Saturn V and Space Shuttle Expedition. I personally could do without the SpaceX stuff, but clearly it's very popular.

But hey, this stuff is good too, and Steamboat Willie does look pretty nice. Reminds me of the Yellow Submarine set from a few years back, just without quite so many trippy colours. There's no word on when these sets are going to arrive, but if past Ideas reviews are anything to go by it'll be a good few months before they do. Pricing is, similarly, unknown.

But could we be anymore hyped?

Featured image: Mric76/Lego Ideas