Germany Isn't Too Worried About Huawei Either

By Holly Brockwell on at

This week, the UK's National Cyber Security Centre said that it's not too concerned about using Huawei equipment in 5G infrastructure, because any risks it might pose can be managed.

Germany has now said something similar, with officials telling the Wall Street Journal that they'll potentially be allow Huawei to bid for 5G contracts after an investigation found no evidence that Huawei was leaking data to China.

Conversations between Germany and the US and UK also proved "inconclusive" about whether there's any major risk involved in working with the company.

Huawei has repeatedly bemoaned the treatment it's received from countries like Australia and the US, which have declared it a national security risk and barred it from contributing to their 5G networks.

Germany's decision is apparently only preliminary and in any case, Huawei would still have to actually win the contract bid before any equipment went in. But given that Germany still regrets its slow response to broadband in the past, and given that Huawei is a huge provider of low-cost communication equipment worldwide, the country may decide any ban would be cutting off its nose to spite its face.

Like the UK's announcement, Germany's comments will likely prove embarrassing for the United States, which is currently on a big crusade against Huawei. Seems not many countries want to sit at Donald Trump's table – shocker.