Good Old "Disgruntled Employee" Theory Attached to Gatwick Drone Attacker

By Gary Cutlack on at

Investigators from Sussex Police and helpers from the government have leaked their current thinking on last year's Gatwick shutdown, with investigators now leaning towards blaming a furious former or perhaps current employee for causing the aerial melt.

Police are suggesting it was an "inside job" at the moment, according to sources speaking to The Times, who say Sussex Police, after conducting 1,100 interviews with witnesses and locals, have concluded the attacks were carried out by someone who must've had intimate knowledge of the Gatwick site layout and security arrangements.

The source says the drone flew past the control tower – where the pilot knew it couldn't be photographed due to a ban on devices in the operations centre – and also seemed to hide behind low buildings, where its rogue operator knew it wouldn't be detected by the airport's detection systems. But if that's true, and costly drone-mitigation features can be outfoxed by simply hiding behind a shed for a bit, the airports are surely fighting a losing battle in this war on bored men with drones. [The Times via Standard]