Government Considers Compulsory CCTV and Criminal Checks for all Taxi Drivers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Department for Transport is asking taxi drivers what they think. That won't go well. The idea is to find out what the car-workers of the nation think about possible changes to the licensing regime that covers taxis and private hire vehicles, with the plan including two Big New Ideas – background checks for all drivers and the possibility of CCTV within every vehicle.

The current draft guidance includes the option to make all drivers subject to enquiries made to the Disclosure and Barring Service, which offers several levels of background check on a person to tell potential employers if they have any sort of conviction or criminal record. The idea being that it may make everyone feel a little safer getting into a taxi knowing that the driver has been statutorily vetted and isn't currently signing in at a police station once a week because of historic crimes.

Any future compulsory inclusion of CCTV in taxis and minicabs would be in the form of an encrypted buffered feed, designed only to be called upon after an incident or dispute; your drunken kebab fumblings would not be uploaded to YouTube to create an additional revenue stream for licensing councils. [GOV]