Stop Everything: Green Tea KitKats Are Coming to the UK

By Holly Brockwell on at

Amazing news for everyone who likes collecting the delicious Japanese KitKat flavours we don't get in the UK: the green tea one is officially coming to these shores.

If you can believe it, the matcha KitKat has existed for fifteen actual years, and only now has Nestle decided us Brits are worthy of it.

The company is going to start manufacturing green bars in its factory in Hamburg, then trial them in eight countries including Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the good old UK.

According to Bloomberg, the green tea KitKat is one of the top three most popular confectionery products in Japan, despite there being more than 350 to choose from.


If you're wondering why Nestle waited until now, the answer is likely hipsters: green tea has become pretty popular among health types in the last few years, with products including matcha smoothies, lattes and of course actual tea turning up at mainstream establishments like Starbucks.

Alexander von Maillot, who sounds like a baron but is actually global head of confectionery at Nestle, comments:

"We are excited to bring one of the most iconic Japanese KitKats back home to Europe this year."

Not sure how a traditionally Japanese flavour that has always been sold in Japan expanding to Europe is coming "back home," but OK.

We don't yet have a date for the green KitKats turning up in our shops, but since it's a trial, make sure you take the Netflix approach and buy loads in the first couple of weeks. We want these to go permanent, and Team Giz UK can't eat them all by ourselves. [Metro]

Main image: Tjeerd Wiersma via Flickr CC