Sorry Snowflakes, Greggs' Vegan Sausage Roll is Going Nationwide

By Holly Brockwell on at

Despite all the huge and potentially world-changing things going on in at the moment, a load of red-faced angerbots still found the time to chuck their toys out of the pram at the news that Greggs would offer a vegan sausage roll.

To be clear, they didn't discontinue the meat sausage roll. Nor did they mandate that everyone had to try the vegan one. They just introduced a new product for people who might like it, no harm done to those who didn't.

Judging by the reaction among a certain portion of society, you'd think they'd bonfired all the sausage rolls in the world -- and we can only imagine Piers Morgan's spittle-flecked reaction now that Greggs has announced the vegan roll will be going nationwide.

Despite all the 'controversy,' the vegan not-a-sausage roll was enormously popular when it launched in about a thousand stores in January. People even started reselling them on eBay, such was the level of mania (also it was January and everyone was bored).

Since it's proved its worth, 250 new branches will pick up the product every week until the 8th of March, at which point it'll be in all of them.

Fancy a meat-free bite? Greggs has launched a standalone Vegan Sausage Roll Locator website so you can find out where to get one near you. Providing no one in a yellow jacket is blocking the entrance, of course. [Evening Standard]