Greggs' Vegan Sausage Roll Leads to 10 Per Cent Profit Surge

By Holly Brockwell on at

Not everyone on the British high street is having a terrible time: beloved bakery Greggs has just improved its profit projections for the third time in as many months, and it's all down to the humble vegan sausage roll.

According to the Guardian, the chain had "an exceptionally strong start to 2019" with a whopping 9.6 per cent uptick in sales. Not all of that was meatless sausage roll sales of course, but the massive publicity around the original launch, the controversy from gammon types (isn't that cannibalism?) and the launch of the vegan roll to the entire chain has helped a lot.

As a result of the improved profit projections, shares shot up seven per cent and now cost £17.13 each. That'll buy you a lot of iced buns, or indeed 17 Quorn sausage rolls with 13p left over for a tip.

Vegans will no doubt be rejoicing at the news, because strong sales mean more high street chains will consider expanding their vegan offering. We're already seeing new products chasing the vegan pound, like the realistic-looking v-burgers at Aldi and even vegan hotel rooms.

The sausage roll's success is also a total kick in the teeth to all the plonkers who kicked off about the existence of the sausage roll, as if something vegan existing is somehow detrimental to their choice of snack, which is very much still on sale.

We presume that ranting NatWest staffer is also annoyed about the news. Sorry m8.