Half-Shredded Banksy Granted Full Artwork Status in German Gallery

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Banksy that shredded itself is definitely still art, you'll be pleased to hear, as the piece currently known as Love is in the Bin is about to go on display in a German gallery in the town of Baden-Baden -- with its integrated shredding feature disabled, just in case.

We still don't know who actually owns the piece, mind, as all the Museum Frieder Burda is saying is that it's been loaned to it for one month by the anonymous European owner. It's going to be on public display for free too, with only the cost of getting to Germany before March 3 to be considered if you want to see one of the day's most talked about bits of paper that is being described as art.

Museum director Henning Schaper said it's not going to shred itself any further, as he told the press that: "We opened up the frame and found the shredder machinery, the battery holders, the wires and satisfied ourselves that the batteries had been removed and the wires cut." [Sky News]

Image credit: Facebook