Happy Saturday, Here's a Minute of Princess Leia Kicking Animated Arse

By James Whitbrook on at

The latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short isn’t really just an adaptation of a single scene from the movies, but a truly delightful celebration of the Princess/Rebel/General of our hearts, Leia Organa.

Or, more specifically, a celebration of moments where Leia is having none of anyone’s bantha bullshit.

It’s a total joy—as hilarious as it is badass. Every single exasperated reaction of Leia’s in this short is just wonderfully fun, and perfectly comically timed, from the look on her face when Luke shows up to “rescue” her, to that glorious montage of her on Hoth, Endor, and slaying the hell out of Jabba. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: These shorts are so great, whether they’re about adding laughs or even more kickass action to the galaxy far, far away, that I want to see the movies rendered in their entirety in this style so much.

Featured image: Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures