Harvester's Made a Range of Wipe-Clean Clothes For London Fashion Week

By Holly Brockwell on at

Restaurant chain Harvester is an unlikely exhibitor at this year's London Fashion Week, but after the popularity of the DHL phone cases, we're taking nothing for granted.

It turns out Harvester has made a whole range of so-called Eatwear: "clear, wipe-clean outerwear to protect your favourite clothes, so you can eat whatever you want during London Fashion Week."

The range is "inspired by street style" and includes:

The Ribbie – a clear, rib-proof hoodie that will keep your favourite white T-shirt free from any BBQ sauce spill
The Mac ‘n’ Cheese – a clear Mac, that’s perfect for protecting your outfit from oozy Mac ‘n’ Cheese
The Chipstagram Phone Case Protector – a clear plastic phone case and lanyard created to protect people’s phones while they’re doing it for the ‘gram
The Mini-Ribbie – a kids’ ribbie, for the little fashionistas in people’s lives

OK, is it just us or is the mac actually pretty cute?

Not so keen on the belt, but I would legit wear that.

The pieces won't be available to buy, but they will be given away in a post on Harvester's Facebook page.

Clare Waine, Marketing Manager at Harvester, explains:

"To celebrate London Fashion Week, we created catwalk-worthy pieces with an ingenious practical use you don’t usually see on the runway. Our new ‘Harvester Eatwear’ range finally brings a solution to the age-old problem of having to choose between your favourite white shirt and your favourite meal, as at Harvester we don’t think your clothes should stop you from eating the food you love!"

We usually just use pyjamas and not going outside for that, but OK.

If you want to win one of the designs, you'll need to tag a friend (ugh) you'd like to eat 1KG of ribs with in the comments of one of the Eatwear posts on Harvester's Facebook page. Or just wrap yourself in clingfilm.