Heathrow Stockpiles Rubber Gloves for Post-Brexit Cavity Searches

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK rubber glove manufacturing industry is not what it once was, hence Heathrow airport says it's starting to build up a stockpile of the hand prophylactics in case of a supply chain collapse post-Brexit.

The airport is also preparing for a chaotic Brexit by building up supplies of explosive detector swabs, plus it's ordering in bulk numbers of spare parts for its rotating baggage belts, should a particular type of screw only made in Utrecht need replacing in a hurry on March 30.

The airport's chief exec John Holland-Kaye explained: "The obvious thing you might think of is our baggage system, which has a Dutch supplier, so do we have the spare parts? But some of the other things that are more urgent are the rubber gloves that security officers wear when they are searching somebody. They come from the EU and if you don't have them, you can't search people."

Well you can still search people, but there'll need to be a lot more hand washing between groins and staff might demand pay rises.

Holland-Kaye says that politicians "didn't understand the nuances" of the international transportation systems at the outset of the Brexit process, funnily enough, but he says he's seen signs that the government is starting to get it together and there may not be a total national collapse at the end of next month. [Guardian]