Here are Those Lego Movie 2 Adverts We Talked About, In Case You Don't Watch Live TV

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last Saturday ITV had a Lego-themed ad break, designed to help advertise The Lego Movie 2 and featuring a bunch of different brands. Well just in case you don't watch ITV, The Voice, or adverts, everything has been posted online for you to enjoy.

Chris Pratt must have been busy the day they had to make this, because that definitely isn't his voice. Unless he had a really bad cold or something. Plus, who is a McDonald's kidding? We all know you're not allowed to market chicken nuggets to kids anymore, but nobody goes to McDonald's for fruit.

At least we can count on DFS to have yet another sale. Assuming, of course, that it hasn't been running one big never-ending sale running for the past few decades. But no deals on double decker sofas? That would have been an excellent source of relevant meta-humour that would help synergise their business. Or something.

The Lego Movie 2 hits cinemas this Friday (8th).