How to Watch Samsung's Galaxy S10 Launch Event at Home in Your Pyjamas

By Tom Pritchard on at

At long bloody last! It feels like this every time there's a big phone announcement, because we've been dealing with the soul-crushing swarm of leaks for the past several months. Naturally us tech journalists can't wait for this to be over, so we can get a few minutes of rest before rumours for the Galaxy Note 10 start hitting the web.

But tonight we're expecting to see Samsung head onto a stage to show off three Galaxy S10 phones, a set of wireless Galaxy Buds, a new smartwatch, and (of course) the near-mythical foldable Galaxy F. The bad news is Samsung doesn't generally let the general public into its launch events, but it doesn't matter. As usual you can watch the whole thing unfold live, thanks to the magic of live streaming. That means you can sit back, put on your comfiest pyjamas, and watch from the comfort of your sofa, bed, bath, or wherever else people watch videos in your house.

As ever the livestream is coming via YouTube, which means anyone can watch it on damn near every device they own. None of this device and browser-specific crap Apple has been pulling for years. An embedded video is above this paragraph, as you may have noticed, but you can also watch it directly on YouTube if you prefer. Everything kicks off at 7pm sharp.

If you'd rather not watch a bunch of executives talk about a new phone, don't worry. We'll be in the audience, and will be covering all the biggest announcements Samsung has to offer.