Ikea Plans to Sell Through Online Rivals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ikea executives having big thinks on comfortable sofas have had an idea that could make getting the shelf of your dreams easier than ever – it's looking at listing its products on the massive online sellers like Amazon or international rival Alibaba.

This has been foreseen and channeled to the FT by Torbjorn Loof, head of Inter Ikea, where he expanded on the idea and said the ultimate ambition is to create a combined furniture-shopping portal for both Ikea and its rivals. Loof explained: "What are the opportunities between the dominating, big, global platforms, and the company website? I think there are tons of opportunities. Like Zalando: they're a kind of platform for fashion and clothes. I think it's a very interesting area to explore."

He said Ikea's unlikely to do anything in the short-term, though, but within five or ten years we could see some sort of joined-up destination for the bed-sellers of the world to unite and take over, emerging after an initial push to sell through rival platforms.

It does sort of seem like he's just proudly invented Pinterest, mind, as Loof added: "It is also about how you connect. If you take home furnishings, for instance – how you connect communities, how you connect knowledge, how you connect the home. It’s not only furniture, it’s paintings, it’s the do-it-yourself part. There are many different constellations that can and will evolve over the years to come." [FT via Retail Gazette]